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26 October
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I am from istanbul,Turkey.i was in Alaska last summer and i start to write journal when i was in Alaska so i write my Alaskan adress.i am not extraordinary person:)i like playing basketball and listenin to music so much that s why i am playing basketball very well and also playing ^baglama^ very well :) who believes me ? do u? i like internet as well.espacially nowadays the internet ties me and takes long hours. i fall in love with istanbul,my city and Fnerbahce my football team.As i said i like playing basketball and also watching football.i like drinking too and i used to drink ery much and so often.i dont know why but i dont drink anymore as much as before.
I am still student althgouh i am old :) :)too old (24) :) ,i study economics in English but since i never go to school , i am about to fail.i am waiting for summer.i am going to go the USA again.i hope so :)